Bubble Bug

Bubble Bug

A wonderful game where you need to catch a fly or a bug into a bubble

Are you a game lover and persistent to reach the highest score level by level? If you are interested in exploring new and different games this is one of the most exciting games I have followed. This product from Novel is a wonderful game where you need to catch a fly or a bug into a bubble. It is very easy to learn and its exciting sound effects make this game a great success. This game is available to play online, as well as on your desktop. It's very small, and one does not need too much knowledge to install the game. The help files are very good and one can lean to play in just 3 steps.

In this game one has to ensure that the bubble creation is done at the right time, and that a bug or fly falls under the bubble. Once the bug is inside the bubble you need to release the bubble by releasing the mouse button. If the catch is successful you will see the bug going up in the air inside the bubble. The game offersa great number of levels - the percentage of bug catch is increased at each level, and if you manage to catch a specific number of bugs you pass on to the next level. The game gets tougher with every next level.

mike sheth
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  • Free
  • Good sound effects
  • Easy to install


  • Not a high-tech game
  • Monotonous
  • Graphics needs improvement
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